Sunday, May 31, 2009

Everlasting Fashion Pieces

A couple of days ago I had the (I have to use this word) serendipity to read this piece about how "Must Have Bags" list have changed over time. Some new bags got in the list and some got out but there are two bags which never can be out. Chanel and Hermès. The way they never give up on their classic design makes them special and indispensable. They are such designed that a grandmother and her grandchild can wear the same bag together. What the brands do to keep up with the present is that; they do some slight differences on the new designs keeping the origin of the bag. A Chanel or Hermès bag speaks itself, they are easy to be told what they are. No wonder people have to get in to a waitinglist to buy a Hermès bag and spend thousands of dollars for a Chanel bag. Ignoring the fact that their prices are tounge-bitting I personally like Chanel more. Not only the bags but all the accessories and so on.

Anyway which everlasting piece you would like to have; Hermès or Chanel?

I say both :)

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