Sunday, May 31, 2009

hats hats hats hats!

What can look both georgous and protect your head from the sun? It starts with a H, it is 3letters long, (one small tip; look at the title) and YES HATS!! :)

Hats are my passion following high heels. Of course not all hats, I like felt hats. They look good and stylish and you can wear them 24/7 for 4 seasons! Now that it's summer, try the straw ones. They usually have a ribbon kind of thing on them, a border/line. Black or navy blue ones are better to have. You can wear those hats with your shorts and tank tops while going to the beach or you can wear them with your blazer and jeans going out (see the previous post).

If you want to try something more different; try the vintage look. The the 50's are my favorite. There're tons of colors and shapes. The designs are very creative and unique, it is as if they are houte couture.

Get a hat, it doesn't matter which kind of you want to but buy. You will notice the different mood you'll get in to. Trust me you won't regret it, and if you do so hand me the hats I'll use them somehow :)

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  1. Very fun. I love hats, too. And they save a lot of time when it comes to fixing your hair. :)