Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last but not least

Last but not least keep this one in the back of your mind; always peek on everyone but seriously EVERYONE. You may catch some brilliant idea on the corner of a street or at the beach, abroad or on your everyday road. Best runway is the one on the street, street fashion is the best.

Talking about abroad, how do you get dressed when you're outside the borders? Do you take more risks and do crazy things, get into a whole different style or be as normal as when you are at home? A couple of days ago I've read a piece about how people like to get into another chracter and wear things that they'd normally wouldn't. I found it quite interesting and I start thinking about it. As being a person who normally do takes risks about these stuff I coulnd't decide if I am getting dressed differently abroad but I liked the idea. I mean, why not, right?

Who knows, maybe I'll like what I'll see :)

hats hats hats hats!

What can look both georgous and protect your head from the sun? It starts with a H, it is 3letters long, (one small tip; look at the title) and YES HATS!! :)

Hats are my passion following high heels. Of course not all hats, I like felt hats. They look good and stylish and you can wear them 24/7 for 4 seasons! Now that it's summer, try the straw ones. They usually have a ribbon kind of thing on them, a border/line. Black or navy blue ones are better to have. You can wear those hats with your shorts and tank tops while going to the beach or you can wear them with your blazer and jeans going out (see the previous post).

If you want to try something more different; try the vintage look. The the 50's are my favorite. There're tons of colors and shapes. The designs are very creative and unique, it is as if they are houte couture.

Get a hat, it doesn't matter which kind of you want to but buy. You will notice the different mood you'll get in to. Trust me you won't regret it, and if you do so hand me the hats I'll use them somehow :)

Blazer out there!

Who says masculin side is not sexy? What's new and looks really good is the blazers. You can wear them with jeans or you can use them as suits, you can even put them on with your dress and look a bit more causal while going out at night. To bend the arms also makes the look more casual, "scruffy" but not dirty. I advice you to buy one from Zara, especially if you have petite shoulders because they fit really good and they are not that expensive after all. Like I said, either wear it with you jeans or use it as a suit you will eventually going to buy a blazer. I say do it before everyone else does ;)
model: Holly Garber from Sydney

street fashion

Do you feel kind of funny when you think of the people living on another land, kilometers away but shopping from the same store, wearing the same tshirt as you are wearing it right now. Well I do. That's why I like to check out the street fashion blogs, columns and sites to see what people are wearing in other countries. There are lots of great ideas to catch and it is fun :) the latest website that I found is "". It is fun and informing. Just check out, you don't have to be a follower :) And who knows, maybe you'll find your tshirt on someone else in HongKong.. ;)

Model : Gloria Baume from Paris

model: Holly Garber from Sydney

Praise the young

While fashion is like the witch's cauldron, it is starting to get tougher and tougher to find a place in the fashion world/business. Despite the fact that some huge brands such as YSL or Dior are the stabled brands there are lots of new faces and ideas in the air. There's nothing like the fresh scent that spring breeze brings...

Fun Chic

Not every brand is keeping up with the "what's new" trend. Jean Charles de Castelbajac is presenting us some fun and chic stuff. He's almost drawing an anology between regular stuff and dresses ( see the green one and the skeleton one) While clowns and colors are invasing our lives, are we suppose to fall into temtation and have fun while dressing or go with the flow and choose to do what's more safe ? Even tough the neon colors are starting to be the latest fashion, some are still trying to do the "glam rock" and hide behind black. Not that I don't like and try to do the glam rock look, but I think when summer approaches some colors MUST get into our closets. So what do you think? Can someone look great and chic while having fun?
Colors are everywhere, summer means colors anyway :)

Everlasting Fashion Pieces

A couple of days ago I had the (I have to use this word) serendipity to read this piece about how "Must Have Bags" list have changed over time. Some new bags got in the list and some got out but there are two bags which never can be out. Chanel and Hermès. The way they never give up on their classic design makes them special and indispensable. They are such designed that a grandmother and her grandchild can wear the same bag together. What the brands do to keep up with the present is that; they do some slight differences on the new designs keeping the origin of the bag. A Chanel or Hermès bag speaks itself, they are easy to be told what they are. No wonder people have to get in to a waitinglist to buy a Hermès bag and spend thousands of dollars for a Chanel bag. Ignoring the fact that their prices are tounge-bitting I personally like Chanel more. Not only the bags but all the accessories and so on.

Anyway which everlasting piece you would like to have; Hermès or Chanel?

I say both :)