Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go "Hills High" !

For decades high heels have been more than just some shoe but a passion. Just like shophacolics there are people who are "shoecholic". Attention (!) not just A shoe BUT high heels!

It might be because I also am short or it might just be some passion for me but as every girl I started wearing high heels starting from age of 5, wearing my mother's shoes. Even tough I don't think I will ever wear them again they might be the reason why I can walk in my heels now. Anyway what high heels can do are more than just adding some cm to your height and taking out some kg from your weight (it has been proven that walking in high heels DO count as sport) but it brings confidence. I'm a strong believer of the idea that every girl must wear some high heel in their lives at least once!

Yes, I do stop and take another glance at the shoes whenever I pass in front of a store and yes, I do spend a part of my money on shoes -maybe even more than I should be spending- but those are not my reasons to claim that every girl should wear a high heeled shoe and go out to the streets. You will be able to tell the difference between the walk that they are having from the past days.

The wish of many girls is to be taller and thinner. The Ginny of fashion just made a wish come true; high heels.

In other words high heels bring confidence and glamour to a girl. Of course a girl can look pretty without the high heels but they don't know what they are missing

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