Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You In or Out ??

You may have the latest clothes of the hottest brands from head to toe, but do you have your own style ?

They always say that we all should have our own styles, but somehow they never have the guts to be different and have their own style. Is it really possible to have your own style when every single brand is producing, fabricating in other words, the same things. Yes, all brands do have their own marks on the designs but they are the same on the basis. Every year some "new" things are "in" and some "old" things are "out", but who decides what's in and what's out ?
Beyond all, it is a known fact that when something is "in", no one cares whether if the piece is a hot one or not, all they care is if it is "stylish" and new. We all know that even fashion is a wheel. The "oldies but goldies" expression is not made up for no reason. But if the fashion wheel would turn back to the start, why do we call most of the things that we wear a couple of years ago as a fashion crisis/crime when time would come and we would take that piece out and wear it as proudly as possible ? Then wouldn't karma come back and bite us all on the butt?
I've always believed that a person would look good in a piece that they would feel comfortable and good in.

To sum up, in the framework of what i have just said i want to come up with one single idea. Instead of hustling and bustling in the "what's hip" and "what to wear this season?" life, wear what you feel comfortable and beautiful in, it's none of the other people's business whether it is "in" or "out". Have your own style, every brand would produce something for you anyway.

You know, sun is so bright that it covers up all the stars, but sun itself also is a star after all :) Be the sun, create your own style, shine on in all other stars ;)

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  1. This is a nice, uplifting post on an often vicious topic. :)

    Glad to see that you have everything in recognizable lettering.