Saturday, February 28, 2009

A bit personal here

I don't know why but i sometimes like to see that people start wearing things that they use to make fun of. I know it sounds extremely weird but i have my own reasons for it. So let's have one of the latest styles on one hand; the Gothic style, which is very popular lately. Before the color black was commonly used on eyes, nails, hair, accessories and cloths it used to be seen as the color of people who are depressed or mentally disordered. Those people would listen to hardcore rock and hate basically every single thing on earth. Would be rebel and give girls like "the normals" some nasty look. But how come those very same "normal" girls started wearing leather tights and jackets, while having black nail polish on ? I guess to dressed out like that while partying have thought them that the ones who use to wear black actually do have fun. I guess i don't even have to say that it is an axiomatic fact that i like to see the "change" in these people.

On the other side, to regain those alienated people to society is good after all. I mean i think no one sees the "black-lovers" as the "embittered"s any more :)

It maybe a game of those excluded ones to "the others", just to survive. You know the rule; if you can't convince them, confuse them.

ps: sorry emo's don't get too carried away, i still don't think you do have a style. You can't pretend to "hate life" by wearing black.

ps2: yes my favorite color is black. and red. and white. maybe all three of them. :)

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  1. Yay for the not-angry goth look! (Sorry if my saying that makes it totally uncool again.) :)